As with anything else we offer, we like to deliver on our promises. Our pet food normally takes around 3-5 working days to be delivered, so please make sure you order well in advance - nobody likes being hungry! 

If you find you've run out of food faster than expected, and live within a 2 mile radius of the store, we can drop off a small amount of food 7 days a week. To arrange, please click here!

CatWalk Pets and Aquatics can deliver pet food straight to your door! Your pet needn't be hungry no more and it's most convenient for our regular customers! 

Our food is specially sourced and selected for us and is even branded for us. Due to this we ensure that we know the breakdown of the ingredients for each type of food which can be found here. Our food is selected to comply with specific needs of your pet depending on their development. We have food for dogs, puppies and kittens available right here in the store and can deliver too!

CatWalk Pet's food is not only nutritious, but delicious! We want your pets to feel fabulous from the inside out, which is why we've made sure our own-brand pet food is nutrient-rich, with multi-animal protein source, which may help to prevent nasty allergies later on in your kitten or puppy's life. CatWalk Pet's food also promotes joint repair and mobility and is packed full of vitamins and minerals, ensuring your animal has a healthy digestion, as well as a gorgeous coat!

Food for Kittens? Purrfect 

Our kitten food is packed with protein and vitamins so that your kitten can grow healthy and lean without the high content fats and sugars which can be present in cat food you might find on the shelf. Cats are just like humans in terms of development – babies and adults eat differently and so we cater to this.

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Get your pet the tastiest treats and a heap of good food and care from our online store or pop into Essex & East London's favourite pet shop.

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