Our ethics

Here at Catwalk Pets and Aquatics we believe that the animals always come first. We are animal lovers, and we go to exceptional lengths to make sure all of our pets are ethically bred and cared for, right up until the day we give them to you. We are very much aware of the responsibilities we as a community pet shop have, and make it our mission to ensure these are top priority each and every time. 

Our take on charity
Due to the caring focus we have on animals we make it our aim to support charities which are very close to our furry-friends hearts and give generously to those who are in need of support but cannot help themselves.


Our Pet Policy
Each animal is hand selected by the team from a trusted breeder, so we can make sure they have been looked after in the best way until they come to us. The conditions they are bred in are comfortable and they receive the best care from the moment they are born to the moment we hand them over to you. When the animals arrive at the store, they are given comfortable living space and plenty of room to run around and play! 

Since we hold ourselves and our breeders to such high standards, we expect the same in potential owners. If we don't think the customer is suitable for the needs of the pet, we won't sell it to them.  

We believe that an animal should never be given as a birthday or Christmas gift. Animals, big or small, furry or feathery are for life - not just a month or used as the latest fad. Deciding to buy an animal is a tricky decision to make but we are willing to give as much of our time as we can to help those of you who are looking for the perfect companion!

Every single member of our very close-knit team has a speciality within our industry. Between us all we have the know-how to groom, closely work with dogs and calm them down when they are stressed (in situations such as grooming). Additionally to this we pride ourselves in having qualified members of staff who have taken courses locally and even gone abroad to work with animals and gain as much experience as they can. To learn more about our lovely team click here!

We have known our staff for many years and know our customers inside and out and back to front. We know from talking to loyal customers and friends that it is very difficult to purchase a pet because of the stigma around pet shops which is why we decided our USP would be maintaining an ethical and responsible pet store to the utmost of our ability. Due to this we only have four members of staff and run the business like we are a family. We ensure that everyone understands the pet shop is more than a ‘store’ it is a place where caring owners come and fine the best selected breeds of animal from trusted sites and that the pet matches up with the owner perfectly. Because of this we also maintain a tight ship, which means that every single staff member is not only instructed to do this – they want to too! We really do care.

If you have any questions about our ethical policy or wish to learn more about the charity work we do then contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you. 

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